Muscle Barbie

Julia Vins¬†18-year-old Russian girl¬†with the face of a French doll and the body of the Hulk. The¬†latest social media star¬†have attracted thousands of fans on her¬†Instagram. The innocent faced teenager even holds three world powerlifting records¬†and¬†can lift up to¬†180 kg in training.¬†She¬†claims men are often jealous of her strength and muscly physique. Julia also transformed… Continue reading Muscle Barbie

The Photoshop Diet

One talented Japanese YouTuber has released a time-lapse video of an editing Photoshop session where he shave off several kilos of fat from Matsuko Deluxe, a famous Japanese cross-dressing TV personality.

Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Asian

A¬†25-year-old Brazilian student obsessed with Korean culture¬†has taken the extraordinary step of undergoing 10 surgical procedures¬†to make himself look like an Asian. Xiahn Nishi, who was originally known as Max, has a love for ‘K-pop’ and Korean dramas and became obsessed with looking like the locals during his time as an exchange student in the… Continue reading Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Asian

7-Year-Old Black Belt Karate Kid

Mahiro-chan, a 7 year old Japanese girl performing Kanku Dai with extremely high levels in martial art skills. I was quite impressed with her performance, especially her ability to control her movements. Check out her incredible demonstration in the video below.

Tokyo Reverse

Artist¬†Simon Bouisson¬†created a video called “Tokyo Reverse” that has photographer¬†Ludovic Zuili¬†walking through the streets of Tokyo, Japan normally with people walking backwards. But the truth is that he is¬†walking backwards, and the video is being played in reverse.

Japanese Woman Gets Plastic Surgery To Become A French Doll

A Japanese woman has undergone more than 30 cosmetic procedures and she won’t stop until she becomes a living French doll.¬†Her name is Vanilla and she is a Japanese model. Vanilla spent around 10 million yen ($102,000) on plastic surgery to look like this.¬†Since then, has had more¬†than 30 cosmetic procedures including double eyelid surgery,… Continue reading Japanese Woman Gets Plastic Surgery To Become A French Doll

Electronic System Turns Human Face Into an Instrument

Japanese artist¬†Daito Manabe¬†works on a experimental music performance system¬†that uses electrical sensors to either transmit music into muscular twitches or control music by facial movements. Taking the role of programmer, designer, DJ, VJ, and composer on each of his projects, Manabe¬†experiment with myoelectric sensors to turn people‚Äôs faces¬†into human drum machine.¬†Watch some of Manabe‚Äôs test… Continue reading Electronic System Turns Human Face Into an Instrument

One-Man Electric Helicopter By Hirobo

A Japanese helicopter manufacturing company Hirobo created a one-man electric helicopter concept presented at Tech expo in Nagoya. The single seat helicopter can fly for 30 minutes without producing any noise or pollution, and can travel at the speed of 100km/h. The company believes that because of this technology, Japanese market alone will grow to… Continue reading One-Man Electric Helicopter By Hirobo