3D Printed B787 Jet Engine

Harcoreta a user from RC Groups forum has used a 3D printer to create a fully-functional scale model of a Boeing 787’s GE-built turbofan jet engine. Watch the video below.

A Jetpack That Helps Soldiers Run Faster

Engineer Jason Kerestes from Arizona State University have created a working prototype jetpack that attaches to a soldier’s back and helps them run faster. The 4MM project’s aim is to enhance the speed of the wearer and to break the four minute barrier with ease. Watch the video below.

How Does a Jet Engine Work?

Baratunde Thurston takes us behind the scenes at GE Global Research Center to learn how does a jet engine works with the help of aerospace engineer Todd Wetzel. You’ll see why “suck, squeeze, bang, blow” is a great way to talk about modern flight. The two discuss how airplane engines have evolved to become the powerful,… Continue reading How Does a Jet Engine Work?