World’s Largest Diamond Could Fetch $25 Million

A flawless 100-carat emerald cut diamond is the largest cut of its clarity to ever be sold at auction and one of the biggest diamonds in the world. It is to be auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York. A record for any diamond is $46m for a 24.78-carat emerald-cut pink stone, set at Sotheby’s in… Continue reading World’s Largest Diamond Could Fetch $25 Million

Galaxy S5 Swarovski Edition

A Swarovski crystal edition Galaxy S5 will be released in South Korea sometime next month. Samsung Mobile Korea has posted a 12-second video on YouTube that teases the upcoming Galaxy S5 Crystal Edition smartphone. The video shows a Galaxy S5 rear case completely covered in Swarovski crystals. The handset will be available in South Korea in… Continue reading Galaxy S5 Swarovski Edition

What Do You Think Of Ear Cuff Earrings?

A runway staple during spring fashion week, ear cuffs are finally popping up at our favorite stores. And many of them are hard to miss an over-sized ear cuff that makes a much stronger style statement than a traditional earring. Ear cuffs what do you think? You like? You hate? I love them I think… Continue reading What Do You Think Of Ear Cuff Earrings?

J&R Creations: Elegant Fashion Accessories

Choose Your Design Style!  J&R Creations offers a variety of colors and designs for the new collection of mobile strap. For a limited quantity and limited time. J&R Creations specializes in luxury accessories in Kuwait. Order now! Follow on Twitter @jrcreationsq8 – Delivery is available for Kuwait only. WhatsApp +965 60909936

Harrods’ Disney Jewelry Collection by Chopard

The Swiss jeweler Chopard has collaborated with iconic London store Harrods, to produce a Haute Joaillerie line, in continuation with their Walt Disney Princess theme. You think Snow White and you have to think of the poisoned red apple that her evil stepmother gave her to eat. In the above picture: Crafted from round-cut rubies… Continue reading Harrods’ Disney Jewelry Collection by Chopard