Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

Gamevice is a controller that transforms your iOS device into a handheld gaming device¬†that¬†delivers an entirely new gaming experience. The¬†Gamevice Live app will connect you to over 650 compatible games¬†available on iTunes, including favorite console titles such as Bio Shock, Grand Theft Auto, HALO, FIFA 15 and Call of Duty. The Gamevice is available at… Continue reading Gamevice Controller for iPad Mini

24k Gold Gaming Controllers by Colorware

ColorWare have created a limited edition 24k Gold plated PlayStation 4 controllers and 24k Gold plated Xbox One controllers. The company has only made 25 of each of the individually numbered model. Unfortunately, both of the 24k Gold Gaming Controllers are already sold out with a price of $300 each. via: Hi Consumption

Robot That Steals From Vending Machines

A French YouTuber has created a robotic device designed to steal items from vending machines. The robot has a joystick controller wired to a small claw. The claw is placed in the vending machine and can grab the drinks and give them to you. Watch the demo video below. via: Huffington Post

Clip Your PS3 Controller to your Android Phone

The GameKlip attaches your¬†Android¬†phone to a real full sized Sony Dualshock3 controller¬†for a full mobile gaming experience.¬†The gaming accessory simply snaps on to your controller providing an easy way to mount your Android phone. In order for the Playstation 3 controller to pair¬†with your Android phone you need to get the¬†Sixaxis Controller App¬†from the Google… Continue reading Clip Your PS3 Controller to your Android Phone

Atari Arcade Duo-Powered Joystick for iPad

Atari¬†is partnering with¬†Discovery Bay Games¬†to create their own iPad arcade adapter, its called the Arcade Duo-Powered Joystick. It¬†does a nice job of letting you play Atari Greatest Hits app with real arcade controls.¬†The device is the second¬†arcade adapter¬†for the iPad after theiCade¬†that was¬†created by ThinkGeek. The¬†Atari¬†Arcade Duo-Powered Joystick¬†appears to be very similar (functionality¬†wise) to the… Continue reading Atari Arcade Duo-Powered Joystick for iPad