Insane Bicycle Stunt Jumps From Rooftops

GoPro has uploaded an incredible video entitled “Cascadia” to YouTube that features professional street trials rider Danny MacAskill performs amazing bike stunts while riding across the rooftops of buildings in Spain. Watch as MacAskill takes on the beautiful town of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in the video below.

Incredible Death-Defying Roof Jump Video

Professional stunt man Ethan Swanson performs a dangerous stunt by jumping from the top of a four-story building in Chicago, Illinois. With a GoPro sports camera strapped to his head, he leaps off a building then slid down a roof and landed feet first on a spiral staircase. Watch Ethan Swanson’s jump in the video below.

Man Sets Himself On Fire And Jumps Off a Building

Russian daredevil Alexander Chernikov had a friend set his pants on fire before he jumped off a five-story building into the snow.  The 22 year old amateur stuntman told Life News, that it took him few weeks to prepare for the stunt. He also bought special asbestos cloth to put under his pants to protect his legs from the heat after his pants were set on fire. Watch… Continue reading Man Sets Himself On Fire And Jumps Off a Building