The Last McDonald’s Meal Sold In Iceland

McDonald’s failed to keep customers coming back in Iceland afterĀ anĀ economic crisesĀ in late 2008, soĀ the company was forced to shut down its last branch inĀ October 31, 2009. What you see in the above photo is theĀ last McDonald’sĀ meal sold inĀ Iceland and it is has putĀ on display at the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik. The meal was bought by… Continue reading The Last McDonald’s Meal Sold In Iceland

The Truth Behind Calorie Labels

Casey NeistatĀ from theĀ New York Times took five items fromĀ chain restaurants and convenience stores in New York City toĀ compared the actual calories of the food to what’s listed on the nutrition facts. Neistat grabbed a tofu sandwich, a muffin,Ā a Subway sandwich, a Starbucks Frappuccino and a Chipotle burrito. Then he brought the items to food scientists… Continue reading The Truth Behind Calorie Labels

Shocking Facts About Diabetes in Kuwait

Diet Center created an infographicĀ to raise awareness about the risks and dangers of diabetes in Kuwait. The infographic shows 25% of Kuwaitis are suffering from type 2 diabetes and the other 80% are at risk from eating a largeĀ quantities of food regularlyĀ (often junk food). To interact and learn more, follow Diet Center on Twitter @dietcenterkw