Woman Drives Off the Second Floor Parking Garage in Mishref

A woman smashes her car through the concrete barrier of Mishref Co-op parking garage and plummeted down onto another car in a parking lot below. The accident happened this afternoon Wednesday, April 27. The woman suffered minor injuries, such as small wounds and bruises. She was immediately taken to the hospital to be treated.

Weird Car Crash in Kaifan

This car crash defies the laws of physics! Sometimes it’s hard to say what caused the accident. I guess the driver was probably trying to do some kind of stunt to jump to the other side of the road. The accident happened 4 days ago near MOC – Kaifan Service Center. The photo was posted on Instagram.

مخفر كيفان خالي ومهجور

مررت بالامس على منطقة كيفان وبالتحديد بالقرب من جمعية كيفان التعاونيه , وفوجئت عندما رأيت المبنى الخاص بوزارة الداخليه خالي و مهجور وعلى ما يبدو سيتم هدمه, يحزنني ان ارى مثل هذه المباني القديمه والتي لها بصمه في تاريخ الكويت ان تذهب هباءً. هذا المبني المكون من ادارة حماية الشخصيات ومخفر كيفان كان بداية المقاومه… Continue reading مخفر كيفان خالي ومهجور