KFC Tray Typer: A Paper-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard

The KFC Tray Typer is a 0.4mm paper-thin Bluetooth keyboard created as an advertising campaign for KFC in Germany. The fast food restaurant handed out the Tray Typer for free with every order during the opening week of a new KFC location. The keyboard connects to a customer’s smartphone so they can type messages or tweet about their meal… Continue reading KFC Tray Typer: A Paper-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard

New BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry has released its new Passport keyboard phone on Wednesday, after a long struggle to regain some of its former corporate users. The new smartphone’s design, the size of a passport, has a 4.5-inch​ screen that show 60 characters across. That means spreadsheets, medical charts and other business friendly information will be readable. Inside is… Continue reading New BlackBerry Passport

AirType: Concept Keyboardless Keyboard

AirType is a concept keyless keyboard that enables you type on any surface. The concept prototype includes a pair of devices that can be worn over your palms. The keyless keyboard is designed to be just as portable as your mobile device. It clips onto your tablet and can be taken everywhere you go. The device is accompanied by an app that brings dynamic… Continue reading AirType: Concept Keyboardless Keyboard

Roccat Sova Lapboard: Making PC Gaming More Enjoyable

The Roccat Sova is a wireless keyboard and mousepad combo for couch gaming. It’s designed to make gaming more comfortable and is specifically intended to sit on your lap. The keyboard itself uses backlit keys with 74 Cherry MX switches. It also has a palm rest, an adjustable mouse pad, a cable organizer and 2… Continue reading Roccat Sova Lapboard: Making PC Gaming More Enjoyable