Hotel Guest Opens Multiple Rooms With One Key Card

Hunter Greer and his friend stayed at the Rodeway Inn, Gallup New Mexico. The two travelers have recorded a video of themselves using their room key card to unlock multiple rooms at the low budget hotel. They got the idea after another guest mistakenly entered their room.

The QuickLock: Bluetooth And NFC Padlock

The Quicklock is the world’s first Bluetooth and NFC security that uses Bluetooth enabled smartphone and NFC technology in the form of a ring, FOB, wristband or label. The padlock is made using durable “Die Cast Zinc Alloy” and has an amazing battery life that goes up to 2 years. Choose a color that fits your lifestyle, It… Continue reading The QuickLock: Bluetooth And NFC Padlock

AirType: Concept Keyboardless Keyboard

AirType is a concept keyless keyboard that enables you type on any surface. The concept prototype includes a pair of devices that can be worn over your palms. The keyless keyboard is designed to be just as portable as your mobile device. It clips onto your tablet and can be taken everywhere you go. The device is accompanied by an app that brings dynamic… Continue reading AirType: Concept Keyboardless Keyboard

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is a battery-powered lock system that allows you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose to have access to your home. The keyless system lets you open your door, grant access to family and friends when they come over to visit using a smartphone. The August lock uses Bluetooth to connect to an iOS and Android app. The device… Continue reading August Smart Lock

Lockitron: Unlock Your Door With Your Smartphone

The Lockitron deadbolt model is fully compatible as a replacement for most standard deadbolts. In most cases, the installation takes no more than 15 minutes and can be completed with the included screwdriver. The Lockitron Deadbolt kit includes everything that you need to get Lockitron set up at your home or office. This includes access… Continue reading Lockitron: Unlock Your Door With Your Smartphone