Pampers Pooface in Slow Motion

Advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi London created a commercial for Pampers that features babies making facial expressions in detailed slow motion. That “pooface” look indicate that their diapers needed to be changed. Watch the video below.

Adorable Girl Enjoying First Aerobatic Ride

Four-year-old Léa recently went for her first aerobatic airplane ride with her father over Lachute in southwest Quebec. As her father spins a series of aerobatic maneuvers, you hear adorable Lea laughing and giggling in the back seat of the plane, asking her pilot father for more. Watch the video below.

Final Ceremony of Eat Healthy Q8

We were invited last week to attend the final ceremony of Eat Healthy Q8, 30 over weight kids joined the 30 day diet program with supervision, workout and a diet program, parents were also given awareness classes. Sitting there watching the kids talk about their experience gave me a great feeling, I can’t imagine the pride… Continue reading Final Ceremony of Eat Healthy Q8

NBK Walkathon Instagram Competition

NBK is going to have an Instagram competition for the best photo taken during today’s NBK Annual Walkathon. All You need to do is to snap a photo, upload it on Instagram, and hash tag it using #NBKWalkathon. Three talented people with the best photo, chosen by an internal committee from NBK, will each win a new Samsung Galaxy Camera!… Continue reading NBK Walkathon Instagram Competition

NBK 19th Annual Walkathon

For the 19th consecutive year, NBK is having its annual Walkathon on the 23rd of March, 2013. As part of the Banks commitment to the community, to raise health awareness. This year, instead of focusing to raise awareness and support one cause, NBK is asking the participants to share their own cause. What are you… Continue reading NBK 19th Annual Walkathon

Hello Everybody!

Hello to all the beautiful Q8 ALL IN ONE Blog readers 🙂 I’m super excited to start my journey with all of you and I’m honored that I was chosen to join the q8 all in one blog team. As you all know I have a blog that is totally different then other blogs in… Continue reading Hello Everybody!

Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch Up a Baby

Over sixteen million people had watched the YouTube clip, showing a Golden Eagle snatching up a baby from a park in Montreal, Canada. An animation students admit the YouTube video of the Golden Eagle snatching baby was fake. According to Mirror, university in Montreal released a statement, admitting it was the work of three of their students. Watch the… Continue reading Golden Eagle Tries to Snatch Up a Baby