Hilarious Father and Son Car Drifting

Driver Anton Avdeyev and his son are back with another drifting adventure and it’s hilarious. As usual, Anton has recorded his son’s reaction to his crazy driving style. In the video below, five-year old, Timofey and his father drifting around the Mobilex race track in a Toyota JZ86 Gorilla Tru.

Father Takes His Son for a Drifting Ride

That is one amazing father! Racer Anton Avdeyev from Kazakhstan took his 3-year-old son on a drift race around a closed track in his Subaru Legacy. In the video below, shows Anton’s son Timofey looks pretty bored at first, laid back in a child car seat, but as soon as his father starts moving, Timofey immediately perks up with some adorable… Continue reading Father Takes His Son for a Drifting Ride