How to Age Gracefully

Canadian CBC Radio One recently posted video titled “How to Age Gracefully,” that features people of all ages offer words of wisdom to their younger counterparts. The video was posted as a farewell message to WireTap radio show.

Pampers Pooface in Slow Motion

Advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi London created a commercial for Pampers that features babies making facial expressions in detailed slow motion. That “pooface” look indicate that their diapers needed to be changed. Watch the video below.

Adorable Girl Enjoying First Aerobatic Ride

Four-year-old Léa recently went for her first aerobatic airplane ride with her father over Lachute in southwest Quebec. As her father spins a series of aerobatic maneuvers, you hear adorable Lea laughing and giggling in the back seat of the plane, asking her pilot father for more. Watch the video below.

Santa Claus Caught On Camera

Evan, seven-year-old, left a camera by their Christmas tree in the living room so he could catch Santa. When the kid and his parents watch the video from a ‘hidden’ camera back the next day, he gets the shock of his life, the kids reaction is priceless. Watch the video below.

Kristina Pimenova: The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Kristina Pimenova is a beautiful nine years old girl from Moscow, Russia. She has been walking catwalks since the age of four and was on the prestigious cover of Vogue Bambini when she was seven. She also appeared in ad campaigns for Roberto Cavalli and Armani. The Russia-born has been declared the most beautiful girl in the world,’ but some people worry… Continue reading Kristina Pimenova: The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

5-Year-Old Girl With More Than Million Instagram Followers

Breanna Youn is just five-years-old with more than a million Instagram followers from around the world. The pint-sized internet sensation is from South Korea living with her parents and brother in Dubai. Breanna’s mother started the Instagram account for the purpose of sharing her daughter’s pictures with family and friends. But then users started pouring in big numbers with… Continue reading 5-Year-Old Girl With More Than Million Instagram Followers

Doctor Gives Extreme Physical Examination To A Child

A Russian orthopedic doctor performs an unusual and extreme physical examination to an newborn. No sane person would consider this acceptable. I don’t think this can’t be good for the bones and joints of the babies, is this even normal? Watch how this doctor examines the baby in the video below. via: Shock Mansion