Ashton Kutcher’s Surprise Renovation for His Mom

For a special Mother’s Day surprise, Ashton Kutcher remodelled his childhood home in Iowa and unveiled the results to his stunned mother Diane. The 37-year-old actor teamed up with online design site Houzz to document the amazing transformation in a video series. He spent 27 days with his stepfather organising the renovations to the basement… Continue reading Ashton Kutcher’s Surprise Renovation for His Mom

Stunning Ocean View Glass House

Boora Architects have designed the 360 House, a vacation home on the Oregon Coast which provides 360º stunning views of the ocean and the wonderful landscape. The design maintains sightlines from the sheltered forest to the open coastline with a minimal structure of glass and steel. Atop the two-story, transparent box, the copper-clad green roof… Continue reading Stunning Ocean View Glass House

Cubitat: A Clever Compact Cube Four in One Apartment

A new 10 x 10 x 10 cube featuring a built-in bed, kitchen, bathroom and living space is set to change the way we think about small-space living. Italian designer Luca Nichetto and developers at Urban Capital unveiled the standalone Cubitat , described as a ‘plug and play living space,’ at Toronto’s Interior Design Show… Continue reading Cubitat: A Clever Compact Cube Four in One Apartment

Tiny Studio Apartment Unfolds Into Four Rooms

Third-grade-teacher Eric Schneider paid $235,000 for a 450-square-foot studio with a tiny kitchen in Manhattan, New York City, and for an additional $70,000 he hired architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects to design and transform his tiny 450 square studio apartment into a remarkable multifunction living space. They configured his tiny space into six different rooms, living room, dining room,… Continue reading Tiny Studio Apartment Unfolds Into Four Rooms

Man Builds Replica Oval Office in His $7.6 Million Mansion

Florida-based multimillionaire Tom Simpson (68) and his wife June (65) have spent the past four years creating Mision Lago, which sits on 11 acres overlooking Lake Thonotosassa near Tampa, Florida. The 24,900-square-foot Spanish-colonial-style house that has been furnished in a style that can best be described as over-the-top. Tom’s home office is a 900-square-foot replica of… Continue reading Man Builds Replica Oval Office in His $7.6 Million Mansion

Living in a Dumpster

Artist Gregory Kloehn created an interesting project by transforming a dumpster in Brooklyn, New York into a fully functional home. The dumpster is outfitted with cabinets, a small kitchen, a toilet, and all the other basic amenities needed to survive. The California base designer added wheels to the bottom of the dumpster so it could be more easily transport it. via: Daily Mail

Yolkr: The Egg Yolk Separator

Entrepreneur Hamish Dobbie from New Zealand has created the Yolkr, its an egg separator that can hygienically suck the yolk from an egg white without any mess. The appliance is made from plastic which has been approved by the Food Standards Agency. The Yolkr is quick and easy to clean by hand. It can be simply broken… Continue reading Yolkr: The Egg Yolk Separator

Adastra: The Super Yacht

The Adastra Super Yacht is designed by Sussex-based boat designer John Shuttleworth. It took five years to build the luxury yacht in China. Measuring in at nearly 140 feet long, the yacht’s shape took into account both hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, ensuring that this thing would be built for speed while not sacrificing fuel consumption. The $15 million yacht wins the 2013 World Superyacht Award for… Continue reading Adastra: The Super Yacht