Dashbot: Handsfree Car Assistant

Dashbot is a hands-free smart voice-controlled car assistant that helps drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Its open-source system lets you do everything from sending text messages and finding songs on streaming music services to getting turn-by-turn directions on its simple… Continue reading Dashbot: Handsfree Car Assistant

Knight Rider USB Car Charger

ThinkGeek introduces the Knight Rider KITT Car USB Charger that fits into your 12V vehicle power socket. It includes two USB ports, each is capable of charging almost any USB-powered device (one 2.1A and one 1.0A port). The USB Charger also comes with a signature light sequence from KITT’s voicebox, synced to respond to 11… Continue reading Knight Rider USB Car Charger