NAS Airports Smartphone App

The National Aviation Services (NAS) has recently launched a mobile app, called NAS Airports, for iPhone and Android devices. The app helps travelers to booking airport lounge, check for information on current flight status, tracing a lost luggage, and much more. via: 248 AM

The New Kuwait Airways Airbus A320 And A330

Kuwait Airways posted photos on instagram of their new Airbus family passenger aircrafts, the Airbus A320 business class and the Airbus A330 first class, which is due to arrive in December. The airline has ordered five A330s and seven A320s, all of which will be line fitted with Mobile and Internet connections. The first A320 and first A330 will be delivered in December… Continue reading The New Kuwait Airways Airbus A320 And A330

Flight Attendants Perform Surprise In-Flight Bollywood Dance

A group of Finnair flight attendants surprised the passangers on board Flight 21 to Delhi by performing an awesome Bollywood dance, in celebration of India’s Republic Day (Wednesday, January 26). Kuwait Airways should try that for a change, for our independence day. Don’t you think?