Kuwait: Discover the Opportunity

QCPTV posted another documentary Kuwait: Discover the Opportunity showcase the future projects that will take place in Kuwait. The fascinating short documentary talks about business opportunities and investment in Kuwait and examines a new legislation that allows companies to be 100% foreign owned. The ongoing 13-minute long video is produced for British Airways media in-flight entertainment… Continue reading Kuwait: Discover the Opportunity

Inspiring Kuwait: A Breathtaking Tour Above Kuwait

Falcon RC Hobby has released a video called “Inspiring Kuwait” filmed and directed by Ali Younis, using DJI Inspire and S1000 drones with Canon 5D Mark III. The video covers the length and breadth of Kuwait. Filming the most iconic landmarks and the remarkable coastline, featuring downtown Kuwait, Al Khiran area, Souq Sharq mall, Bubiyan Island and the… Continue reading Inspiring Kuwait: A Breathtaking Tour Above Kuwait

Amazing Special Documentary About Kuwait

Kuwait: Through Our Eyes is an outstanding documentary series of four parts that gives you a brief introduction about Kuwait. The ongoing 40-minute long video is produced by QCPTV for the British Airways media in-flight entertainment system (AVOD). In my opinion, so far this is probably one of the best videos ever made about Kuwait.

Photo Of The Day: Kuwaiti Oil Fires

A satellite image of the smoke from a few of the burning Kuwaiti oil wells dated on April 7, 1991. “The plume boundaries/the maximum assumed extent of the combined plumes from over six hundred fires during the period of February 15 – May 30, 1991. The number of oil fires peaked between February 22 and 24, when… Continue reading Photo Of The Day: Kuwaiti Oil Fires

Big Wind: The Ultimate Fire Extinguisher

A team of Hungarian engineers have built the ultimate fire extinguisher, they called it “big wind”. They’ve removed the gun turrets from an old Russian tank, replaced them with 2 turbines from a MiG-21 fighter jet. This extreme machine was used to fight the Kuwait oil fires, after the Iraqi invasion in August 1990. Watch the jet engine fire extinguisher in the video… Continue reading Big Wind: The Ultimate Fire Extinguisher

Spitfire Airplane at 360 Mall

A behind the scenes look at the the historic British Spitfire jet fighter display at 360 Mall on February 22nd 2013. The plane was bought by the late Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in the 1940’s. The jet fighter display was part of an exhibition at 360 Mall in collaboration between the Royal Air Force Museum,… Continue reading Spitfire Airplane at 360 Mall

Zain National Day Celebration at 360 Mall

In celebration of Kuwait’s 2013 National and liberation days, Zain Kuwait surprises visitors of 360 Mall with three performances that embody Kuwait’s pop culture of the 1960’s and 1970’s, 1980’s and the 1990’s till present day. Great performance! I liked the first black and white segment. Watch the video below.