Infographic Of The World’s Most-Spoken Languages

Alberto Lucas López created a fascinating infographic that breaks down the world’s most common languages and the countries in which they are spoken. The infographic represents the 4.1 billion people around the world who speak one of the 23 most-spoken languages as their native tongue. Click here for a larger image.

How to Say Yes in Northern Sweden

The word for ‘yes’ in most of Sweden is ‘ja’, but in the north of the country a weird noise is used instead, as The Local’s Oliver Gee discovered in the city of UmeĂĄ, Sweden. The word is “shoop” for Yes! It can sometimes be confusing to outsiders, and it also sounds a bit like they might… Continue reading How to Say Yes in Northern Sweden

Guy Speaks English With Different Accents

A talented young Kuwaiti guy with a impressive skills who can speak English with different accents from various nationalities from around the world. In the video below, he role-played Asians and Arabs speaking English with very distinct character and accents.

A Tour of the British Isles in Accents

YouTube user PJamBarker created an awesome video using google maps for the audio version of the “tour of the accents of the British Isles” by Andrew Jack based on a BBC Radio 4 feature. Andrew Jack is a leading dialect coach in Britain and the USA, with the advantage of both teaching and performing backgrounds. Jack has provided… Continue reading A Tour of the British Isles in Accents

Girl Speaks Gibberish With Perfect Accents

Nineteen-year-old Sarah from Finland has a remarkable skill in imitating different languages. Her caricatures are so good that to anyone who doesn’t know the language she could almost pass as a fluent speaker. Although she is speaking total gibberish, her British and American accent is pretty good, while her arabic (which is a very difficult language to imitate)… Continue reading Girl Speaks Gibberish With Perfect Accents

American Teenager Speaks More Than 20 Languages

Tim Doner, a 17-year-old high school student from New York City, has been teaching himself languages since he was 13. He is considered a hyperpolyglot, who speaks nearly 20 languages, French, Mandarin, Russian, Pashto, Arabic, Farsi and many other languages. You can check out Doner’s remarkable language skills in a short documentary video below.