The Human Torch Drone

To promote the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot movie, 20th Century Fox teamed up with Thinkmodo advertising agency and built a flying drone that resembles the Human Torch. The team of fire fighters lit up the lightweight human-shaped drone and sent it skyward into New York skies to simulate the super powers of Marvel’s Human Torch. The stunt took place at the Nassau County… Continue reading The Human Torch Drone

Dubai New Years Celebration 2015

A dazzling never-before-seen show of fireworks, LED light and laser beam displays, has once again positioned Dubai on the global map with the world’s most-watched New Year’s Eve event. Enjoy video and witness Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai light up the sky from all angles.

Bamboo Rocket Festival in Thailand

The Rocket Festival is an annual ceremony held across the northeast part of Thailand and Laos, in numerous villages and municipalities near the beginning of the rainy season. The festival includes dance performances, competitive processions of floats, and on the final days comes the competitive firings of home-made bamboo rockets, which is the most popular part of the event. Watch the awesome Rocket Festival in… Continue reading Bamboo Rocket Festival in Thailand

Video: Burj Khalifa New Year’s Celebrations

A full 40 minute video posted by Downtown Dubai featuring last night new years firework display that lit up Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, as thousands of people gathered around the area. The annual Burj Khalifa fireworks have quickly earned their place in the league of the world’s most popular New Year’s Eve celebrations.

New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

City skylines exploded in red, pink, green and blue around the nation as the clock struck midnight. Major cities, including Sydney, London, Dubai and Moscow have marked the start of 2013 with large fireworks displays. Among the most spectacular celebrations were ones in Sydney, which centered on the harbor bridge, and Dubai, where the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, formed the… Continue reading New Year’s Celebrations Around the World