Champions of the World: Musical Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Remix artist John D. Boswell aka “Melodysheep” has created “Champion of the World“, an incredible musical tribute to the greatest sportsman of all time Muhammad Ali, using iconic videos clips and quotes of the legendary boxer. Watch the video below.

Music Legends Performs A Human Beat Box

A clever music video idea created by director Vania Heymann, that features a classic vinyl album covers with music legends come to life and sings to the beatbox track of Mayokero performer by Roy Kafri.

Bruce Lee Comes Back to Life in a TV Commercial

Martial arts legend and action star Bruce Lee was brought back to life in a TV commercial. The video features Bruce Lee wandering through a Hong Kong hotel, expounding on his philosophy about how to be a game changer. The whiskey brand has faced some backlash over using Lee for the ad. According to South China Morning Post, Hong… Continue reading Bruce Lee Comes Back to Life in a TV Commercial

Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi on Board Turkish Airlines

A funny TV commercial for Turkish Airline that stars two sports legends, basketball player Kobe Bryant and football player Lionel Messi. In the commercial the two players are trying to impress a little boy on board the Turkish Airline. Luring the young fan back and forth by acting silly, using ball tricks, card tricks and making balloon animals. Watch the video commercial below.

Tribute to John Lennon

Google pays tribute to the English legend John Lennon by making a Google Doodle of him on his 70th birth anniversary. The Google image will open a YouTube video that plays the song “Imagine.” For those of you don’t know, John Lennon was one of the founding members of The Beatles. He was born on… Continue reading Tribute to John Lennon