Inside LEGO Factory in Denmark

LEGO brick builder Sariel was given an exclusive access to the the heart of the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark that very few people have had the opportunity to witness. The factory produces more than two million pieces per hour. Everything is recycled in the factory, and whatever is discarded in the manufacturing process gets recycled… Continue reading Inside LEGO Factory in Denmark

Acer Revo Modular Mini PC

The new Acer Revo is a modular mini PC with stackable component that allow consumers to customize their computer with “Blocks” providing different features. So basically, if you need more storage than the 500GB base mode, all you have to do is stack a 1TB hard drive “block” on and you’re all set. The mini… Continue reading Acer Revo Modular Mini PC

The Glass Yacht By Lujac Desautel

At first glance, it might look like a huge complex built in the middle of the ocean. Designed by Lujac Desautel, The 5,600 square foot glass mega yacht is inspired by skyscrapers and LEGO bricks. The large glass windows reflect the surrounding waters, and the structure offers dedicated living spaces for passengers and crew. It features floor-to-ceiling windows,… Continue reading The Glass Yacht By Lujac Desautel