Animals Reactions To Seeing Their Reflections In Mirror

French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre travelled to Gabon, Africa with his wife and set up a mirror in several locations in the rainforest in order to capture animals walking by. The results are stunning, the hilarious animals were caught on camera admiring themselves and making physical contact with the mirror. Watch the video below.

Pet Lion Attacks TV Crew

No matter what, we can’t predict a exotic animals’s behavior. A TV¬†crew members thought¬†they were filming¬†a docile Loin pet when,¬†suddenly, it strikes! A¬†video¬†shot¬†by the¬†documentary crew shows the massive animal¬†biting and clinging to the¬†man while¬†the owners are try desperately to pull it away. The Russian owners keep their pet Lion in a cage in the backyard,… Continue reading Pet Lion Attacks TV Crew

GoPro Captures Kevin Richardson Playing With Lions

The GoPro production crew journeys to Africa to explore the danger and beauty of the Lion Whisperer, aka Kevin Richardson’s passions for lions and their future. Kevin reunited with his pride of lions who are like a family to him, while wearing his GoPro to capture the stunning footage. He¬†hugs the Lions, kisses the Hyenas… Continue reading GoPro Captures Kevin Richardson Playing With Lions

Rich Guy With Wild Animals On Instagram

Humaid AlBuQaish from UAE has a taste for expensive cars and dangerous pets. He regularly posts himself and his big cats on Instagram with over¬†270,000 followers. Trusting his cats implicitly, AlBuQaish is pictured feeding his menagerie of lethal predators and wrestling with them – all the while showing off the fact that he owns such… Continue reading Rich Guy With Wild Animals On Instagram

Wild Animals Are Not Pets

Lately, I’ve noticed people driving around with lions and¬†leopards in the backseat of their cars! It’s kinda cool to have them around, but let’s be honest these animals are not pets, they’re wild animals that deserve to be let go in nature! And the way I see it, they are super dangerous and unpredictable,¬†therefore caution… Continue reading Wild Animals Are Not Pets