Most Beautiful Landscapes Photos By Sarah Alsayegh

Kuwaiti photographer Sarah Alsayegh has gone to extraordinary lengths to captures some of the most beautiful landscapes in world. Included in her spectacular collection are Kuwait City,┬áDubai’s skyline, Saudi Arabia┬ádesert, Iceland’s famous iceberg lagoon, and the beauty┬áof┬áthe array┬áof┬áred sandstone formations┬áin┬áArizona.

Spectacular Time-Lapse Video Shows Wonders of the Night Sky

An amazing new time-lapse video┬átrailer from Brad Goldpaint┬áPhotography previews the beautiful night sky┬áimages captured for the upcoming film “Illusion of Lights: A Journey into the Unseen.” Image uploaded Jan. 21, 2015. Brad Goldpaint ÔÇö the movie’s director, photographer and editor ÔÇö has captured the stunning beauty┬áof┬áthe┬áskylines filled with auroras, the┬áMilky Way, and the┬áskies full of… Continue reading Spectacular Time-Lapse Video Shows Wonders of the Night Sky

Alexander Gerst Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Earth

Images taken on-board the International Space Station have been merged into a stunning six-minute time-lapse video┬ácaptured by astronaut Alexander Gerst who spent 165 days in orbit. Alexander combined 12 500 images taken during his six-month Blue Dot mission on the International Space Station.┬áThis Ultra High Definition video shows the best our beautiful planet has to… Continue reading Alexander Gerst Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Earth

Ghost Ship: 3D Projection With Water in Amsterdam

A┬áromanian architecture collective studio visualSKIN created a 3D projection of a 17-century ship beamed onto intersecting perpendicular screens of water. The ghost ship has been spotted flouting on one of the city’s famous canals, located off the island of Oosterdok in front of the Amsterdam Center for Architecture and the National Maritime Museum. The spooky… Continue reading Ghost Ship: 3D Projection With Water in Amsterdam

World’s Largest Christmas Light Display

David Richards from Australia┬áset a new Guinness World Record for its Christmas lights on Thursday evening in┬áCanberra, with more than a million LEDs switched on for the festive period. It took lighting architects, designers, electrical and civil engineers months to plan and build the display in the Australian capital. With 1,194,380 lights making up a… Continue reading World’s Largest Christmas Light Display

Wavelight: A Beautiful Time-Lapse of Star Trails in Arizona

Wavelight is a stunning time-lapse video that captures the beautiful scenery of the star trails set against the wave sandstone formation in Arizona. The video was produced through a partnership between Sunchaser Pictures, Bloodhoney, and BBC Earth.

Spectacular View Of Glowing Aurora in Northern Norway

Photographer Max Rive shot an incredible photo of an aurora that was captured against a summit near Austnesfjor in Northern Norway. The time was early March. Our Sun has been producing an abundance of picturesque aurora of late as it is near the time of its maximum surface activity in its 11-year magnetic cycle. via: Laughing Squid

Triple Lightning Strike Over Chicago Skyline

Chicago-based photographer Craig Shimala captured a incredible triple lightning strike on three buildings in Chicago, the Willis Tower, Trump Tower, and John Hancock during a storm on June 30th. Watch the time-lapse video below.