Lionel Richie Hello Mug

A New Jersey-based artist Lorrie Veasey from LennyMud Shop handcrafted the “Hello” Lionel Richie mug. The mug features the image of the famous American singer Lionel Richie and his hit song “Hello” which originally asks, “Is it me you’re looking for?”. But this mug reads only “HELLO” on the front. The interior is painted with a brilliant… Continue reading Lionel Richie Hello Mug

Lionel Richie Teapot

A few days ago while I was searching in Google for some of Lionel Richie famous songs, I stumbled on this cool teapot rests within a teacup. It features an illustrated Richie and a top that reads “Hello,” while the teacup reads, “Is it tea you’re looking for?”. I love the idea! Unfortunately, there are… Continue reading Lionel Richie Teapot