Makeup Artist Turns Her Lips Into Works Of Art

Canadian artist Andrea Reed transforms her lips into amazing works of art. Andrea’s is able to turn makeup into impressive shapes and figures with fine lines upon her lips. To see more of Reed’s makeup skills you can follow her on Instagram or tune in to her YouTube channel.

The World Biggest Stretch Earlobes

Kala Kaiwi now holds record for largest ‘non-surgically made’ flesh tunnels measuring 109mm (4.3 inches) in diameter. The Hawaiian man has just returned from Milan, Italy where he picked up his Guinness World Record award. The tattoo and body modification artist has had silicon horns implanted on his head, stretches in his nostrils, tattooed eyebrows and studs all over… Continue reading The World Biggest Stretch Earlobes

Tattoos: Are they still taboo in Kuwait?

Tattoos are the new thing nowadays I have noticed that more people are getting them and it’s becoming a trend, and the funny thing is that its totally OK if non-Kuwaitis have them but it’s OMG for Kuwaitis!! Seriously every where I go lately I see Kuwaitis with tattoos and of course  girls have lip… Continue reading Tattoos: Are they still taboo in Kuwait?

Will Smith Slaps Reporter for Kissing Him

Now this is a side of Will Smith we haven’t seen before! But I guess everyone loses there cool every now and then. At the premiere of Men in Black 3 in Moscow, a Ukrainian reporter showed Will a little too much loving and tried to kiss him on the lips. Will pushed the overzealous reporter away and slapped him across the face.… Continue reading Will Smith Slaps Reporter for Kissing Him