Race Driver Flips Car Nine Times in Porsche GT3 Cup

Seventeen-year-old Pedro Piquet survives a spectacular crash during the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge in Brazil. Piquet’s car turned over nine times after coming into contact with another car. Watch the video below.

Niklas Ajo’s Epic Finish

Niklas Ajo finished the Dutch Grand Prix in incredible fashion last Saturday. He lost control of his bike and drifted dangerously fast towards the walls. Amazingly, he managed to get control of his bike after a few tense seconds and finish the race in one piece. Watch the video below. Photo Credit: Crash

Drunk Woman Stops Her Car in the Middle of a Highway

A drunk woman who was filmed by a News reporter meandering in and out of lanes on the I-15 freeway in San Diego. The video features the woman stumbling in high heels heading towards the journalist car to ask him why he was filming her, with the man was shouting “don’t go into the lanes, don’t go into… Continue reading Drunk Woman Stops Her Car in the Middle of a Highway

Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014

A video compilation of all the best fails and the funniest YouTube has to offer from 2014 by FailArmy. There’s nothing people love more than laughing at the misfortune of other people. Enjoy!

Crazy Downhill Skateboarding

This longboarder was doing quite well until the last sentence. He goes downhill extremely fast, traveling with a speed of 100 kph (60 mph), and when he gets to the bottom, he nearly gets hit by a bus! Watch the video below.

World’s Luckiest Bicker Survives Crash

A traffic accident that turned into an acrobatic act. A dashboard camera captured a motorcyclist smashes into a back of a car and lands on top of its roof. It’s simply unbelievable! The accident occurred on a Russian bridge near Koroleva. Watch the video below.

The Most Incredible Near Death Escapes

YouTube user FailArmy uploaded a video, which shows some of the most shocking near death experience from around the world. From being run over and living to tell the tale, to narrowly escaped being eaten by Alligator, these miraculous moments will have your hair stand. Watch the video below.