Mirror Ball Trick

Captain Disillusion explains the visual effects behind the puzzling “Magically throwing a ball through a mirror” video by animator Kevin Parry. Watch the video below.

The Best Magic Tricks by Zach King in 2015

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Zach King posted a video of this years best digital magic tricks that he shared on Vine.

Zack King’s Best Magic Tricks from 2014

Zach King posted his personal favorite vines from 2014 on his YouTube channel. The Los Angeles-based filmmaker show off his sharp editing skills. In one he is seen pulling a live kitten from still images on a monitor, another shows him flicking the icons from his iPhone onto a table, while in a third he puts a… Continue reading Zack King’s Best Magic Tricks from 2014

Illusion Prank: Magician Cut In Half Prank

Magician, Andy Gross, walked around posing as a man cut in half, scaring unsuspecting strangers with his illusion. Watch Andy in video below scaring people with his hilarious magic trick. Thanks Q8 Marron Glace

British Magician Levitates From the Roof of London Bus

Illusionist Steven Frayne, aka Dynamo traveled across London as he levitates from the roof of a London bus. He appeared to dangle in mid-air with the palm of his hand placed on the roof. Stunned fans look on from inside the bus, taking pictures of the floating magician as the bus drove past Westminster Bridge. Watch the video below.

Where the Magic Happens

Where the Magic Happens is a documentary film that follows the trials and triumphs of several world-class magicians. For the past two years, filmmakers Marcie Hume and Christoph Baaden have been following five magicians as they passionately pursue their unusual occupation. The filmmakers are raising funds for the documentary film project on Kickstarter.

Picture of the Day: How Do They Do It?

If you happen to be walking down the streets of any town in Germany you will see plenty of beggars or street performers who do acrobatics, singing, juggling, magic tricks, etc. in the middle of the streets. And I have seen a lot of people doing some crazy stuff, but like the one in the above… Continue reading Picture of the Day: How Do They Do It?

Mahdi Gilbert Performs Miracle at Magic-Con 2012

Mahdi Gilbert is a 20 year old magician from Toronto, Canada whose arms and hands are affected by a congenital condition. In the video below Mahdi performs a very cool magic tricks for a small audience at Magic-Con 2012. It’s amazing what people with disabilities can do!