Levitating Cup: Gravity Defying Glasses

Levitating Cup is a gravity defying glass trick that will impress your guests. The glass is designed to levitate above a portable metallic base, so it can appear to float weightlessly in mid-air. Chicago-based startup company launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring the product to market. They raised $27,880 of its $50,000… Continue reading Levitating Cup: Gravity Defying Glasses

Lexus Has Created a Real Hoverboard

Lexus claims to have made a real working hoverboard that uses electromagnets and liquid nitrogen to float. The levitating board called Slide, and was tested at a specially-made skate park near Barcelona. Working with a team of scientists, Lexus took more than a year to work on the concept of the magnetic levitation hoverboard. To… Continue reading Lexus Has Created a Real Hoverboard

Flyte: Levitating Light Bulb

FLYTE is a levitating light, which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. It’s designed in Sweden and is made using sustainable wood like oak, ash, and walnut. The bulb uses energy efficient LED lighting that is good for 50,000 hours of life. That means you could run this light 12 hours… Continue reading Flyte: Levitating Light Bulb

World’s First Real-Life Hoverboard By Hendo

Inventor Greg Henderson, at Hendo, has created an actual, functional real-life hoverboard, which uses “magnetic field architecture” to levitate people and objects above special surfaces. The hover engine developer kits are now available on Kickstarter with a $250,000 goal, which has so far raised more than $299,430. Watch the video below. via: The Verge

Five Fun Physics Phenomena

Derek Muller of the Veritasium YouTube channel has demonstrated five cool physics-related phenomena, including center of mass cane trick, water bending, magnetic cereal and a flying tea bag. Muller wants the users to engage with him and to explain these awesome experiments. Watch the video you below.

Floating Objects With Magnetic Levitation Device

A video posted by YouTube channel Brusspup about an amazing demonstrating of a magnetic levitation device, created by Dutch company Crealev, that allows objects to hover rather than fall to the ground. In the clip, it features a variety of objects weighs up to 9kg (20lbs) floating in mid-air with no support whatsoever.