Stunning Installation of 100,000 Illuminated Balloons in Covent Garden

French artist Charles PĂ©tillon has created a stunning installation “Heartbeat” that features an giant cloud of 100,000 white balloons in Covent Garden in London. Weaving its way through the South Hall of the Grade II listed Market Building, Heartbeat stretches 54 metres in length and 12 metres in width, and incorporates gentle pulsating white light… Continue reading Stunning Installation of 100,000 Illuminated Balloons in Covent Garden

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

We were invited yesterday to check out H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection at the Grand Avenues. The collection was nice not really that amazing! I only fell in love with the classic party dresses!! I wanted them all hahaha.. Men’s collection was very limited a few pieces only, color wise it was autumny. Over all fun shopping… Continue reading H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

The World’s Shortest Escalator in Japan

The picture that you see above is claimed to be the shortest escalator in the world, and you can find it in an underground shopping area in Kawasaki station, Japan. Reddit user “Etegamiguy,” who lives in Japan, filmed a short video of himself at one of the country’s least-known tourist destinations: what he refers to as the world’s… Continue reading The World’s Shortest Escalator in Japan

Huge Shark Tank Breaks Inside Chinese Mall

A 33 ton shark tank with a 15 centimeters (5.9-inch) thick acrylic glass broke inside Shanghai Orient Shopping Center in China. According to Gizmodo, 15 people were injured in this tragic accident on Wednesday, December 19th. Most of the people watching the tank were injured with deep cuts and bruises. Watch the video footage below as caught by the mall’s CCTV cameras.

Salad Boutique New Italian Menu

The Salad Boutique is a place that is easy to miss with all these chain restaurants that continues to open at the The Avenues. But this restaurant still maintains its unique style as being the first ever restaurant that specializes in serving salads as a main course, with over 70 different types of salads, in addition to the… Continue reading Salad Boutique New Italian Menu

Kuwait More Than Home

For the first time in the Middle East The Avenues mall will host on the first of November and for a period of 17 days a 300 year narrative of Kuwait’s history presented through the latest picture recognition technology and interactive marketing services. Interactive Mega Map: A 680 square meter map of Kuwait will be… Continue reading Kuwait More Than Home

Women’s Only Parking Zone

A shopping center in Tianjin, china has designated an underground area parking lot for women only. The area is marked with neon signs, bright pink walls, flower decor and hazard bumpers in each space. It also includes extra wide bays, added lighting, and female parking attendants to give guidance. This car park aims to solve all female parking problems when going shopping.… Continue reading Women’s Only Parking Zone