The Most Expensive Fruits In The World

There are some fruits that rise above others in terms of monetary value, which could put a dent in your grocery budgets. Like the Densuke Watermelon for KD 17.000 ($61.000 US) or a box of 2 Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes cost around KD 855 ($3.000 US). Here are ten of the most expensive fruits in the world… Continue reading The Most Expensive Fruits In The World

Home Berry Frozen Yogurt

What a great idea! You can have your frozen yogurt delivered directly to your home freshly made outside your door. A friend of mine got the craving for frozen yogurt so he had Home Berry delivered to his home. I got the wild berry flavor with most of the toppings and it tasted great; it doesn’t taste… Continue reading Home Berry Frozen Yogurt