Insane Window Cleaner Without Harness

A fearless window cleaner works without a safety harness, he was caught on camera cleaning a window from a 10th floor Manhattan building! I hope he makes good money! You can also watch him in the video below.

See-Through Hotel Restrooms in New York

The people in the restrooms at the Boom Boom Room club on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel, New York City may get a fantastic view, thanks to the through floor-to-ceiling windows that is also visible to people on the street. There are no signs in the bathrooms warning patrons that they can be seen from below. So,… Continue reading See-Through Hotel Restrooms in New York

Red Bull Racing’s American Vacation

Former F1 driver David Coulthard and 2011 Championship-winning, took a high speed tour of the New York metropolitan area in an RB7 race car for Red Bull Racing’s second American Vacation tour. The tour is a promo for the proposed 2013 Grand Prix of America race that would take place on the streets of Weehawken and… Continue reading Red Bull Racing’s American Vacation

The Manhattan Project by Cameron Michael

A timelapse video titled “The Manhattan Project” created by photographer Cameron Michael. The video shows New York City over about a five and a half month period of time, during which time Michael lugged 120 lbs of gear around capturing the perfect shots. Watch the video below. Via: gothamist