The History of Urbanization (3700 BC – 2000 AD)

Max Galka of Metrocosm has created an amazing interactive map that records the formation of new cities over the course of 6,000 Years, from 3700 BC to AD 2000. Watch the video below, as the world’s cities are born one-by-one in 3700 BC and continuing up to the present.

Incredible Giant Globe Made Out of Hand Painted Matchsticks

New York-based artist Andy Yoder created a giant world globe sculpture made entirely of hand painted matchsticks. Andy has spent nearly two years on his piece, Early One Morning, painstakingly applying thousands of painted matches to create the sculpture. “Early One Morning” will be on display at the Winkleman Gallery in New York City as part of the PULSE New York… Continue reading Incredible Giant Globe Made Out of Hand Painted Matchsticks

Laser Cutting City Street Maps

Artist Dan Linden uses a laser cutter to make intricate laser cut street maps of cities from around the world. The maps are cut out of recycled mounting board in a process that takes about 2 hours and is quite mesmerizing. Linden’s maps are available on Etsy store. Watch the video of the cutter below. via: Laughing Squid

World Map of Dominating Websites

Webempires created a map ( you see above ) showing the number-one websites around the world calculated based on Alexa traffic ranking. As the picture makes clear, Google dominates, with Facebook trailing not too far behind. The map doesn’t include properties, and If it was  included, Google would probably take the entire map. Google’s traffic is scattered… Continue reading World Map of Dominating Websites

Amazing 1000 Years Time-Lapse Map of Europe

An incredible animated Time-Lapse video map of Europe fast forwarded from the year 1000 AD until the present day, showing Europe’s shifting borders, alliances, unions, territories, occupied land etc.