Free Running at Red Bull’s Formula 1 Factory

Red Bull’s world champion free runner Ryan Doyle defied gravity at Red Bull F1 factory in Milton Keynes, England. Watch how Doyle turns the factory to an ultimate free running F1 playground in the video below.

Bruce Lee Comes Back to Life in a TV Commercial

Martial arts legend and action star Bruce Lee was brought back to life in a TV commercial. The video features Bruce Lee wandering through a Hong Kong hotel, expounding on his philosophy about how to be a game changer. The whiskey brand has faced some backlash over using Lee for the ad. According to South China Morning Post, Hong… Continue reading Bruce Lee Comes Back to Life in a TV Commercial

Bruce Lee Remix: Be Water My Friend

Empty your mind.. Be formless, shapeless.. Like Water! A auto-tune remix video dedicated to the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee.  The clips in video are taken from Bruce Lee’s famous movies, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon and his interview with Pierre Berton. This remix was created by Melodysheep. Checkout the video below. Download: Audio remix