Music Legends Performs A Human Beat Box

A clever music video idea created by director Vania Heymann, that features a classic vinyl album covers with music legends come to life and sings to the beatbox track of Mayokero performer by Roy Kafri.

Michael Jackson’s Dancing Hologram

A¬†hologram¬†of the late kind of pop¬†Michael Jackson¬†appeared at the 2014 Billboard Music¬†Awards in Las Vegas.¬†The hologram performed “Slave to the Rhythm,” a song from Jackson’s new album “Xscape,” along with a plethora of background dancers, beaming lights and fire blasts. Watch the video below.  

Incredible Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Celebrities

Using just her cosmetic kit,¬†Carly Paige, 26,¬†spends one day a week transforming herself¬†into anyone that takes her fancy. The¬†talented¬†Canadian¬†makeup artist¬†has made herself look like Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, Kim Kardashian and even Albert Einstein. Carly started playing around with special effects make-up in her spare time in October last year. She wanted to learn zombie… Continue reading Incredible Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Celebrities

Shadow Dancing Sculpture of Michael Jackson

Its called ‘Shadow Dancing’, a shadow light sculpture made by visual artist Diet Wiegman. The sculpture¬†forms a stunning shadow image of Michael Jackson at a certain angle. Watch¬†in the¬†video¬†below¬†how this wire sculpture¬†transforms¬†into an¬†immensely¬†beautiful peace of art.

Celebrities As 19th Century Russian Generals

British artist Steve Payne has created these amazing portraits of celebrities by Photoshopping their heads into 19th century paintings of Russian generals. The original paintings, by artist George Dawe, show Russian generals who had successfully fought Napoleon in the Patriotic War of 1812. Via: My Modern Met