Hyper Realistic Artworks By Ivan Hoo

Artist Ivan Hoo, from Singapore, earns a living from his realistic drawings and paintings that look like photographs. The 31-year-old takes up to three days to complete the impressive pieces, which include animal portraits and still life drawings of everyday items such as a Starbucks plastic cup or Nutella chocolate jar and a broken eggs. Most… Continue reading Hyper Realistic Artworks By Ivan Hoo

Artist Creates Sculptures Half The Width Of Human Hair

Jonty Hurwitz spent 10 months developing the extraordinary figures, called nano sculptures, using groundbreaking 3D printing technology. The largest of his series of seven figures was about the width of a strand of human hair, the smallest is less than half that width. But after just a few fleeting moments spent looking at his creations, under a… Continue reading Artist Creates Sculptures Half The Width Of Human Hair

365 Postcards for Ants: A Beautiful Miniature Painting Project

365 Postcards for Ants is a painting project by Cape Town artist Lorraine Loots who has been creating a miniature painting since 2013. Every day Lorraine paints a miniature painting, each one has a different theme. You can pre-purchase her unique paintings available on her website. Watch the video below. via: Laughing Squid

Micro Paintings On Small Pieces of Food

Turkish artist Hasan Kale paints beautiful panorama images on tiny objects the size of a water melon seed. His favorite motifs are scenes of Istanbul. In addition to food items, the talented artist specializes in painting on staples, butterflies, and other small objects as canvases. Watch Kale’s work in the video below. via: Laughing Squid