Ripsaw EV2: Super Tank Luxury Vehicle

Ripsaw EV2 represents the world’s first consumer based luxury high-speed super tank. The EV2 was originally designed and built for the military. The base platform, the unmanned Ripsaw MS1, according to the manufacturers Howe & Howe Technologies turned out to be the fastest dual-tracked vehicle developed. The EV2 offers 12-inches of suspension travel while a… Continue reading Ripsaw EV2: Super Tank Luxury Vehicle

Apache Crash in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, a video of an AH-64 Apache helicopter pilot trying to show off to troops on ground and ends up crashing the $20 million chopper. No one was injured in the crash, as the two helicopter crew members walked away with only minor bruises, but now they might be facing a potential criminal charges. Via: The Life Files, Wired