World Largest Collection of Model Cars and Dioramas

Lebanese collector Nabil Karam, known as Billy, has reset his old Guinness World Record for having the largest collection of model cars and dioramas. It has been confirmed that the racing driver owns a staggering 37,777 toy cars which he displays in a privately-owned warehouse in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, 10,000 more items than when he… Continue reading World Largest Collection of Model Cars and Dioramas

How To Make Fake Miniature Tilt-Shift Photos

Norwegian design studio Skrekkøgl place a massive sculpted 50 Cent coin alongside a full-sized objects to make them appear like tiny scale models. They shot the objects from above with a tilt-shift lens.

The Story Behind Elgin Park

Artist Michael Paul Smith created an imaginative tiny town composed entirely of miniatures (previously posted). Elgin Park is a vintage model town based on Smith’s hometown Sewickley, Pennsylvania, a small town seven miles north of Pittsburgh. Animal Media Group posted a documentary video that talks about the dark inspiration behind the artist’s fictional town, and… Continue reading The Story Behind Elgin Park

Amazing Highly Detailed Miniature Dodge M37 Truck

A very talented guy has build a highly detailed Dodge M37 body from scratch for his remote control car, which took 60 hours of build time. The end result is incredible! The body is made mostly with 3mm Komacel and 1.5mm polystyrene sheets, glued with CA Super Glue. Driver is pine, bumper is aluminum. Watch the building process… Continue reading Amazing Highly Detailed Miniature Dodge M37 Truck

Mini Cooper Boxes In Amsterdam

Mini Amsterdam has launched a promotion campaign for their 99€ a month finance deal for the Mini Cooper. The campaign features a huge cardboard boxes left in various locations around Amsterdam. The idea illustrates just how small the Mini Cooper really is, which is small enough to fit in a cardboard box as a Christmas gift.

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Miniature Models

Japanese artist Satoshi Araki created a highly realistic miniature dioramas of streets, damaged vehicles and demolished buildings. It’s very hard to believe these photos are just miniatures, if it weren’t for the finger that appears in some of the pictures you would think its real.

The Mini Superleggera Concept

MINI has unveiled the MINI Superleggera Vision coupe concept that’s set to debut at the Villa d’Este car show, which will crown a new range of Mini models. The open-top two-seater created in collaboration between MINI and Touring Superleggera, the Milan-based traditional coach building house. The overall theme blends more classic roadster characteristics with traditional Mini touches. Watch the video below.

MINI Clubman Concept at the Geneva Motor Show

MINI launched the Clubman concept at the 2014 Geneva motor show. The new concept previews an upcoming new addition to the revamped Mini range aimed directly at customers who need more room. Mini has widened and lengthened the Mini Cooper for this Clubman Concept, which measures in at about 10 inches longer and 7 inches… Continue reading MINI Clubman Concept at the Geneva Motor Show