World Largest Collection of Model Cars and Dioramas

Lebanese collector Nabil Karam, known as Billy, has reset his old Guinness World Record for having the largest collection of model cars and dioramas. It has been confirmed that the racing driver owns a staggering 37,777 toy cars which he displays in a privately-owned warehouse in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, 10,000 more items than when he… Continue reading World Largest Collection of Model Cars and Dioramas

Shell Concept Car

Shell unveils the Project M concept car in collaboration with Geo Technology and Gordon Murray Design in Beijing, China. The high-efficiency petrol-burning vehicle claimed it will use a third less energy in its lifetime than a typical city car and around half the energy to build and run than a typical small family car. All… Continue reading Shell Concept Car

How To Make Fake Miniature Tilt-Shift Photos

Norwegian design studio Skrekk├Şgl place a massive sculpted 50 Cent coin alongside a full-sized objects to make them appear like tiny scale models. They shot the objects┬áfrom above with a tilt-shift lens.

4X4 Remote Control Car Hydroplanes On Water

Traxxas,┬áa┬áremote control car manufacturer, has recently posted┬áan amazing┬ávideo of their Slash 4×4┬áRC car┬áthat can skim across the water and do jumps, thanks to paddle tires and high-speed gearing.

Miniature-Like Kuwait National Assembly

A picture of the Kuwait National Assembly building that creates the illusion of looking down at a miniature-scale model. The photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5.

RC Drift Cars in Japan

It took me a while to realize that it was really a remote-controlled car. Watch as several drifting cars smoothly slip and slide through the curves at the WARU Circuit in Yokohama, Japan. Watch the video below.

The Story Behind Elgin Park

Artist Michael Paul Smith created an imaginative tiny town composed entirely of miniatures (previously posted). Elgin Park is a vintage model town based on Smith’s hometown Sewickley, Pennsylvania, a small town seven miles north of Pittsburgh. Animal Media Group posted a documentary video that talks about the dark inspiration behind the artist’s fictional town, and… Continue reading The Story Behind Elgin Park

Amazing Drifting With Remote-Control Lexus RC F

Professional driver Drift44 puts his skills to the test behind the 1/10-scale remote control version of the Lexus RC F Sport Coupe. In video below, which is a part of a TV commercial for Lexus, featuring the little Remote-Control car parallel parking, bowling, and lighting a match (you got to see it to believe it) by drifting past a rough wall.