Photographer Matches Historical Sites with Banknotes

Photographer Beshoy Fayez visited historical sites and mosques in Egypt to match them with banknotes. Fayez goes by folding each Egyptian banknote of all categories in front of the buildings and takes a photograph to create a collection of beautiful images. Fayez shared his images on the plenty of interest in social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Beautiful Time-Slice Photography By Richard Silver

Photographer Richard Silver created a unique photo technique he calls “sliced-time photography”. Silver photographs the buildings from sunset to night in composite images made up of many exposures taken over the course of 1.5 hours. He then spliced the photos together to show the scene turning from day to night.

Magnificent Photos Of Persian Architecture

These incredible photos you see here capture the intricate detail of the Persian’s beautiful Islamic architecture in Iran. Photographer Mohammad Domiri, 23-year-old, captured these amazing shots using a variety of techniques such as panoramic shots and fisheye lenses. Most of Domiri photography concentrate on Islamic mosque architecture, heavily decorated with mesmerizing geometric patterns and mosaics.