Inside LEGO Factory in Denmark

LEGO brick builder Sariel was given an exclusive access to the the heart of the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark that very few people have had the opportunity to witness. The factoryĀ produces more than two million pieces per hour. Everything is recycled in the factory, and whatever is discarded in the manufacturing process gets recycled… Continue reading Inside LEGO Factory in Denmark

Giant Rubikā€™s Cube

Tony Fisher is a British puzzle designer, created a giant functionalĀ Rubikā€™s Cube that measures 1.56m on each edge. Fisher is still working on the cube and hopes to make more videos including comparisons and eventually show the construction. Watch the video below.

How to Put a Rubik’s Cube in a Bottle

Burkard Polster from Mathologer YouTube Channel shows how to place a Rubik’s Cube inside of a glass bottle. In the video below, Polster assemble theĀ entire puzzle game and puts it piece by piece inside the bottle.

Broon F8: Electric Supercar For Kids

South Korean company Hennes has recently launchedĀ their F8 series of Power Wheel-like supercars for children.Ā Its a one-seaterĀ car designedĀ for a five year old and might turn more heads than your typical affordable sedan on the road will. For driver safety, There are bucket seats with four-point safety harnesses. The car boasts four-wheel drive, LED headlights, along… Continue reading Broon F8: Electric Supercar For Kids