WalkCar: Electric Personal Transporter

Japanese engineer Kuniako Saito and his team at Cocoa Motors has developed a lithium battery-powered portable transporter called WalkCar, which has the size and shape of a standard laptop computer. The WalkCar has four tiny wheels, an lightweight aluminum body, and is intended to be carried in an included bag when not in use. The board is stronger… Continue reading WalkCar: Electric Personal Transporter

RYNO: A One Wheel Motorcycle

The one-wheeled RYNO motorcycle may be the next great invention in the motorcycle world. The RYNO is a single-wheeled, zero-emissions motorcycle, that uses similar technology to the Segway. It’s controlled by the rider’s body position by leaning forward to accelerate, tilting back to stop. Also like the Segway, the RYNO balances itself front-to-back when standing still. The RYNO… Continue reading RYNO: A One Wheel Motorcycle