Mad Max Fury Road Nasty Peacemaker

Howe & Howe has created a custom made version of its Ripsaw ATV for Mad Max: Fury Road movie. The vehicle is made to look like the Mad Max “Peacemaker”, which looks like a Valiant Charger body on top of a tank. Watch the video below. via: The Awesomer

The Batman Tumbler Golf Cart on eBay

Golf has just got cool! This Batman Tumbler Golf Cart (EZ-Go golf cart) was actually customized to look like the Tumbler from the Chris Nolan Batman films. This mini-Tumbler has been stripped down to nothing and revamped from top to bottom. The cart is up on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $17,500. via: cnet

Jay Leno Takes Batman’s Tumbler for a Ride

Transportation Coordinator Hobart Lundt from Warner Bros. takes Jay Leno for a super-fun ride in the custom-built Tumbler from Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Watch the video below.

World’s Only Jet Turbine Powered Batmobile

I have good news, if you’re a big fan of Batman, you are going to love this Batmobile. The car is built by Casey Putsch, the owner of Putsch Racing facility and its the only jet turbine powered Batmobile. It’s powered by a military spec turboshaft engine driving the rear wheels through a semi automatic gearbox.… Continue reading World’s Only Jet Turbine Powered Batmobile