‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Second Trailer

Warner Bros. Pictures has posted the second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film hits theaters on March 25, 2016, that features Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman facing off against the powerful supervillain known as Doomsday. Watch the video below.

Guy Used Fake Ticket to Enter James Bond World Premiere

James Ware posted a YouTube video were he managed to crash the Spectre World Premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in London, on the 26th October. He claims he created fake the £200 ticket after seeing real ones posted on social media and used it to enter film’s launch. Guess what!? The whole thing was… Continue reading Guy Used Fake Ticket to Enter James Bond World Premiere

World’s First Real-Life Hoverboard By Hendo

Inventor Greg Henderson, at Hendo, has created an actual, functional real-life hoverboard, which uses “magnetic field architecture” to levitate people and objects above special surfaces. The hover engine developer kits are now available on Kickstarter with a $250,000 goal, which has so far raised more than $299,430. Watch the video below. via: The Verge

The Hoverboard, Is It Real or Fake?

The hoverboard is finally here? Or is it just a big Internet hoax? A company called HUVr claims that the hoverboard has finally arrived, and they promise its real! In an attempt to make it even more believable they recently released a video with Christopher Lloyd (Doc from Back To The Future movie), introducing the Hoverboard to a group of athletes and celebrities… Continue reading The Hoverboard, Is It Real or Fake?

Will Smith Slaps Reporter for Kissing Him

Now this is a side of Will Smith we haven’t seen before! But I guess everyone loses there cool every now and then. At the premiere of Men in Black 3 in Moscow, a Ukrainian reporter showed Will a little too much loving and tried to kiss him on the lips. Will pushed the overzealous reporter away and slapped him across the face.… Continue reading Will Smith Slaps Reporter for Kissing Him

VIVA Movie Premiere Event

Viva did it again! Last night we were one of the lucky ones to get to watch the premiere of the X-Men First class. The movie was awesome!! Thanks VIVA. Once again I missed the chance to meet some of my fellow Bloggers, I’ve been wanting to meet them. Mashallah the VIP room at 360… Continue reading VIVA Movie Premiere Event