ROLI Blocks: New High Tech Musical Instrument

Blocks by ROLI, a new high tech easy-to-use musical instrument that does require years of lessons to master. The device connects together with magnetic connectors, letting music-makers build their own instruments on the go. The modular music studio works together with an app on your iPhone or iPad. On the Block’s touch-sensitive silicone surface you… Continue reading ROLI Blocks: New High Tech Musical Instrument

Giant Hand Cranked Music Box

Niklas Roy has created a giant mechanical music box with working instruments that can be operated using a big hand crank. The remarkable “Music Construction Machine“ is on public display at the Goethe Institute Pop Up Exhibition in Wroclaw, Poland, as part of the cultural capital program. Watch the video below. via: Laughing Squid

Woman Show Her 2 Year Progress in Learning the Violin

Norwegian woman “Violin Noobie” shared a video that compresses two years of progress learning the violin into less than five minutes. The talented musician had no teacher and was entirely self-taught, scouring YouTube tutorials online.began playing it in April 2013 at the age of 21, and filmed herself playing different tunes at monthly intervals. Watch the… Continue reading Woman Show Her 2 Year Progress in Learning the Violin

Andrew Huang Creating Music From Car Parts

Andrew Huang is musician who works with many genres and many instruments. He recently created an amazing rhythmic musical composition from car parts which included rims, tires and related tools. Checkout the video below. via: Laughing Squid

2 Nights Underground

Always shaping and being at the forefront of the latest music coming from the global music scene, the Red Bull Music Academy has hand selected some of the leading artists in the Middle East and Africa region and ties them into a two-day celebration of musical styles that features acts from the worlds two biggest… Continue reading 2 Nights Underground