NBK Provides Customers Online Shopping Through PayPal

National Bank of Kuwait teamed up with PayPal, the online payments system, to provide its customers a more secure experience by creating an account through NBK Online Banking. NBK credit cardholders can register for a PayPal through the bank secure website to enjoy an extra layer of protection while shopping online. PayPal have no access to any of the sensitive financial data like bank… Continue reading NBK Provides Customers Online Shopping Through PayPal

Take a Virtual Tour of the NBK Azimut 40 Yacht

Now you can get an exclusive tour on board the NBK Azimut 40 yacht anywhere you are! The bank has just announced the release of the augmented reality tour of the stunning Italian yacht, as a part of NBK’s annual summer cards campaign. If you’re an NBK client, you could be one of the winners on September. Use any of your NBK credit… Continue reading Take a Virtual Tour of the NBK Azimut 40 Yacht

NBK Walkathon Instagram Competition

NBK is going to have an Instagram competition for the best photo taken during today’s NBK Annual Walkathon. All You need to do is to snap a photo, upload it on Instagram, and hash tag it using #NBKWalkathon. Three talented people with the best photo, chosen by an internal committee from NBK, will each win a new Samsung Galaxy Camera!… Continue reading NBK Walkathon Instagram Competition

NBK 19th Annual Walkathon

For the 19th consecutive year, NBK is having its annual Walkathon on the 23rd of March, 2013. As part of the Banks commitment to the community, to raise health awareness. This year, instead of focusing to raise awareness and support one cause, NBK is asking the participants to share their own cause. What are you… Continue reading NBK 19th Annual Walkathon

VIVA 512 PlayStation Tournament

512 Kuwait in association with Kuwait Telecommunications Company VIVA, is proud to announce the VIVA 512 PlayStation Football Tournament. 512 Kuwait is an entity exclusively dedicated to video gaming events in Kuwait. The event will be hosted at 360 Mall Exhibition Hall from March 21st to March 23rd 2013 and is powered by ‘x-cite by… Continue reading VIVA 512 PlayStation Tournament