Meteor Lights Up Night-Sky in Russia

An amazing video¬†was caught by a dashboard camera showing¬†a¬†meteor lighting up the pitch black sky¬†in Murmansk, Russia, on Saturday morning at approximately 2:13 a.m. local time. The light is assumed to have been a meteor bursting apart in the atmosphere above. According to the¬†Daily¬†Mail, some¬†people have pointed out that it could be¬†a missile test because… Continue reading Meteor Lights Up Night-Sky in Russia

Time-Lapse Video Highlights America’s Stunning Skies

Huelux is a spectacular time-lapse video of the night sky show stars as points of light, rotating around Earth. Randy Halverson has captured the stunning beauty of South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah skylines filled with auroras, rolling night storms, brilliant stars, and a good number of spectacular shots of the Milky Way. via: Laughing Squid

Awesome 3D Marvel Superhero Nightlights

A series of battery operated Marvel superhero Nightlights¬†“3D Wall Art” created by¬†3D Light FX. You can choose your favorite superhero to have it mounted on your wall. All of the 3D Nightlights¬†come with a 3D crack sticker, giving you the illusion that the light is breaking through your wall. Either way, it¬†looks awesome turned on… Continue reading Awesome 3D Marvel Superhero Nightlights