Hexhog: All-terrain Wheelchair

Hexhog is an electric off-road wheelchair that offers unprecedented access to extreme terrain. The vehicle has been designed to bring together the functional attributes of a powered wheelchair and ATV in one aesthetic package. The six-wheeled, battery-powered vehicle can run for 13 to 19 km ( 8 to 12 miles), depending on terrain, and a full charge should take… Continue reading Hexhog: All-terrain Wheelchair

Der Ziesel: Offroad Driving Machine

Der Ziesel is an off-road machine powered by two PMS electric disk motors producing 21 horsepower and 30 pound-feet of torque. Designed like a mini-tank, this electric wheelchair can go almost anywhere off road, through snow, sand, mud, and grass. It can even go up and down hills. The battery pack will last up to five hours, though driving at… Continue reading Der Ziesel: Offroad Driving Machine