Stunning High Quality Color Photos of Saudi Arabia in 1950s

An extraordinary high quality color pictures of Riyadh in 1950, taken by Dr. Darrell Crain. The photos came from the Crain family who donated the photos to the Washington D.C. public library. Dr. Crain was an American doctor who was brought to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in April 1950 to treat the late founding King Abdulaziz… Continue reading Stunning High Quality Color Photos of Saudi Arabia in 1950s

Colorized Photo: Lady in Red

This image looks like a black and white modern day photo with color splash effect. It’s a high resolution vintage photo taken by Stanley Kubrick in the 1940s in New York City. Although Stanley has a verity of photos to choose from, I find this photo very mysterious with a great sense of style and class to it. My first approach was to paint the whole image,… Continue reading Colorized Photo: Lady in Red

Gorgeous Colorized Historical Photos

An incredible collection of famous historic black and white photographs brought to life by Jordan Lloyd and Mads Madsen. The two professional colorists have combined their skills to create a remarkable series of color photographs from the American Civil War, and people of each era. Both of them are highly skilled digital artists. You can see more of their work by… Continue reading Gorgeous Colorized Historical Photos

Shanghai: Past and Present

The images of Shanghai’s Pudong district, which just decades ago was an area of farmland, document the formation of one of the world’s leading commercial hubs. A photograph of the city in 1987 (top) shows a land of low-rise factories- a far cry from the forest of skyscrapers jostling for space in the skyline today… Continue reading Shanghai: Past and Present

Teacher Wears Same Outfit for 40 Years

Teacher Dale Irby, 63 from Dallas, Texas wore the exact same outfit for the past 40 years of yearbook portraits. It started off purely by accident, he says. “I was so embarrassed when I got the school pictures back that second year and realized I had worn the very same thing as the first year,” Irby recalled. His wife, Cathy,… Continue reading Teacher Wears Same Outfit for 40 Years

Back to the Future: Documentary About Irina Werning’s Photography Project

A short documentary video about Argentinian Photographer Irina Werning incredible “Back to the Future” photography project, where she recreates the scene of an old photo portrait of people, from lighting, background, location, and even clothing. Irina Werning travels around the world meeting people and searching for particular photos to recreate for her ongoing project. The documentary is created by UK-based… Continue reading Back to the Future: Documentary About Irina Werning’s Photography Project

Stunning Color Pictures of New York City in 1940s

An extraordinary high quality color pictures of New York city in the 40’s, taken by Charles Weever Cushman from Indiana.  The impressive Kodachrome pictures look far more recent than they actually are.