Great-Grandma Skydives And Swims With Sharks

Georgina Harwood celebrated her 100th year in style by skydiving in Cape Town, South Africa. Her friends and family joined her, watching safely from the ground. Harwood even continued her extreme birthday celebrations by taking a dip in a shark cage. She was joined by her close family, including her great grandson. Watch the video… Continue reading Great-Grandma Skydives And Swims With Sharks

World’s Oldest Father at Age 96

Ramajit Raghav 96 and his 52-year-old wife, Shakuntala Devi, reportedly gave birth for the second time to a healthy baby boy, Ranjeet, on Oct. 5. Two years ago, the couple initially became famous when they set the world record after giving birth to their first son, Vikramajeet. Interestingly, the previous record holder for world’s oldest dad was also Indian: Nanu… Continue reading World’s Oldest Father at Age 96

World’s Oldest Person Dies

The world’s oldest person, a nun named Eugenie Blanchard, died on Thursday aged 114 in the French West Indies, officials said. She was born on Saint-Barthelemy, a French overseas territory, on February 16, 1896 and after becoming a Catholic nun left to pursue her vocation in the then-bustling Dutch West Indies colony of Curacao. Source:… Continue reading World’s Oldest Person Dies