Volkswagen T5 Sportline Rust-Look Wrap

UK-based vinyl wrap shop Clyde Wraps covered a 2014 Volkswagen T5 Sportline with full-body decals featuring rust stains. The idea was to prevent it from being stolen. The custom wraps were so convincing the owner was pulled over by cops.

Stop Motion Car Wrapping

An incredible stop motion video featuring a Volkswagen Golf magically wrapping itself in ORACAL 970RA plastic. The wrapping was done by Auto Apklijavimas. The photo was made from 3500 frames with over a period of 7 days.

Water Transfer Printing

HG Arts is company that specialises in water transfer printing equipment technology based in Barcelona, Spain. This amazing technology has an unlimited use in a variety of applications. The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials. The water transfer printing process is extensively used to decorate items… Continue reading Water Transfer Printing

Driver And Dog Covered in Paint After Car Accident

A driver and his dog were covered in paint after a one-vehicle-crash near Belfair, Washington. The driver’s vehicle was carrying five-gallons of paint in a variety of colors which was splashed all over the interior after he lost control and went off the road. The man suffered minor injures and was taken to a nearby hospital. via: Jalopnik

Colorful Exploding Water Balloons

Artist Ryan Taylor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa has taken some water balloons and used them to create some really cool photos. He used some camera gear and lighting to catch the beautiful images you see here. Taylor used strobe lights, colored water, milk, paint, and balloons for the shots. Via: Slash Gear