Nike Free 5.0: World’s Most Flexible Running Shoes

Nike launched its latest Nike Free 5.0 flex groove design, barefoot-like running shoes, Which considered the most flexible shoe in the world. An Uruguay based advertising agency Publicis Impetu decided to put the pair in a box 1/3 of the original-sized Nike box to demonstrate the incredible flexibility of the Nike model. Watch the video below. via: Gizmodo

Sat Nav Shoes By Lechal

The brand new “Sat Nav Shoes” from Lechal¬†uses¬†integrated GPS technology to¬†send discreet vibrations to your feet telling you which way to go. The technology,¬†comes either ready-fitted in a Ferrari-red shoe or as an insole that can be inserted into any shoe, which can be¬†connected via Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone‚Äôs mapping system. The Lechal… Continue reading Sat Nav Shoes By Lechal

Driving Shoe by Wongyung Lee

South Korean designer Wongyung Lee designed a rubber jelly material for the career women to replace their usual high-heeled shoes, with a more flexible and comfortable foot wear for driving. Previously, I wrote about the Stylish Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes, which has a similar design idea as these shoes.